Admission Arrangements

Admissions Arrangements 2018

We are obliged to consult on our admissions arrangements every 7 years. The consultation begins on 4th November 2016 for 6 weeks. Please click the link below to review the consultation and ensure any comments you may have communicated to the school office by 16th December 2016.

Admissions Arrangements 2018 Amherst School

Our current facilities allow for a maximum of 384 pupils and there are no plans to expand the school’s capacity. The maximum class size at Amherst is 32 pupils. However, applications for admissions into classes of already 32 pupils or more are subject to an appeal process serviced by Kent County Council.

Please click below to see our Admissions Policy

Admissions Arrangements 2017 Amherst School

In recent years Amherst has been heavily over-subscribed with prospective applicants, particularly at Year 3. In these circumstances priority is given to applicants on the basis of the following criteria:

1.     Children in local authority care.

2.     Year 2 children attending Riverhead Infants’ School.

3.     Current family association.

4.     Health reasons (supported by a doctor’s certificate).

5.     Distance from home to school.

Please click on the link below to access the KCC Admissions website for details of entry at Year 3 and also In Year Casual Admissions: