Local & International links

We are linked to several local and some international establishments.


Children from Amherst regularly visit Sevenoaks School to work alongside children there as they investigate Science topics.


St. James’ C E Primary, Bermondsey

Since 2008/2009 we have established a link with St. James’ C E Primary school which is a district in south London, and a part of the London Borough of Southwark.  Whilst working together we have shared activities with the children from St. James’.  These have included an Evacuation Day during a history topic about Britain since the 1930s.  The children from St James’ dressed up in period clothing and ‘evacuated’ from Bermondsey for the day to join the children & staff from Amherst.  Together all dressed in period costumes, the children spent the day as evacuees and experienced activities from the period of history being studied.



We have links to Leigh Primary School, in Leigh in Kent.  This sees staff from Amherst supporting this small school.  Recently Mr Hancock gave an E Safety talk at Leigh to interested parents.  This session was partly based on a questionnaire that Leigh children had completed about their use of computers and the internet.  For more information please use the link.( http://www.leighprimaryschool.com/Diary/E-Safety-Talk/)


More information arriving soon.