The Governing Body

Governing bodies of schools are a combination of appointed governors, elected parent governors, teacher governors, non-teaching staff governors, the headteacher, and governors co-opted by the governing board.  The composition of the governing body depends on the number of pupils in the school and the type of school e.g. primary, secondary, church, etc. Governors are elected or appointed for four-year terms.

Amherst School Governing Body

Chair (Member Appointed) Mr D Hale
Vice-Chair Mrs E Grier (elected Parent Governor)
Headteacher Mr A B Reid
Staff Governors Miss P Jones (Assistant Headteacher)
Mrs J Parish (School Business Manager)
Mrs J Warne
Parent Governors Mrs J Diprose
Mrs J Geldard
Mrs J Mais
Mrs C Swain (Chair of Teaching & Learning Committee)
Member Appointed Mrs S Arnold (also current Amherst staff)
Rev M Booth
Mr S Coquelin
Mr M Hebden (also a current Amherst parent)
Mrs P Porter (Chair of Staff & Pupil Welfare Committee)
Mrs V Rose (Chair of Finance & Buildings Committee)
Mr C Thornton
Mr E Walker (Chair of Pay & Performance Committee, also a current Amherst parent)
Ex Officio (By Invitation) Ms S Bradley (Headteacher, Riverhead Infants’ School)
Mrs C Terry (Chair of Governors, Riverhead Infants’ School)
Clerk to the Governors Mrs K Baillache

The Aims of the Governing Body

The Department for Education sets out three key responsibilities for governing bodies:

  • Ensure clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction
  • Hold the Headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils and the performance management of staff
  • Oversee financial performance of the school and make sure that money is well spent

Amherst’s Governing Body carries out these responsibilities by reviewing and determining school policies, plans and targets and by monitoring results.  While the day-to-day management of the school is the responsibility of the Headteacher, Governors provide challenge, constructive advice and support for the Headteacher and the school.

Sub-committees have responsibilities for monitoring and reviewing different areas.

The Finance & Buildings Committee is responsible for the school’s budget and how it is managed.

The Teaching & Learning Committee monitors pupil attainment and progress and how the Amherst delivers and develops the curriculum.

The Staff & Pupil Welfare Committee monitors attendance and is responsible for overseeing policies including those covering Special Educational Needs and Safeguarding.

The Pay & Performance Committee is responsible for ensuring that Amherst has appropriate policies for appraising and rewarding staff and that those policies are adhered to.

The full Governing Body and committees meet at least once each seasonal term (i.e. three times per academic year) and more frequently when necessary.



Every governor agrees to embrace the following as part of their role in the Amherst GB team:

  • To lead by example and actively promote the mission and vision of the school
  • To be visible and proactive whilst playing a part in all FGB meetings and their assigned committee meetings throughout the school year
  • To instigate at least one visit per term to the school to observe and/or participate in any activity – engaging with the headteacher or other staff members and pupils within the school environment
  • To seek to support any appropriate initiative or project that the school wishes/needs to embrace providing any advice, contacts or resources to help achieve the desired goals
  • To form part of a dedicated and passionate GB Team in order to support and challenge the current activity and drive change to generate improvement and progress for the future.

Major Governing Body targets:

  • Carry out our key responsibilities to a high standard of excellence
  • Non-staff Governors to commit to time and visibility in school
  • Year Group coverage governors
  • Add complementary skills to the FGB to supplement current talent and cover existing gaps
  • Develop the Amherst brand to engage parents, alumni and wider community to contribute to enhancing teaching and learning and the school site
  • Explore and implement opportunities to increase annual revenue and one-off sources of revenue e.g. complementary business(es), grants.  These revenues are from sources beyond operational grants and the current population of parents which is tapped via the PTA.
  • Contribute to improvements in education in Sevenoaks and beyond at both primary and secondary levels.

If you want to find out more about the work of the Governing Body or about becoming a governor of the school, please contact the Chairman via the school office.

Secure Governor Pages

Governors can access information online by clicking on the link below.  A individual log-in and password is required.

Secure Governor Pages