Amherst Clubs


Central to the Amherst ethos is the personal development of each child through participation in a range of extra-curricular activities. Staff and parents together run over thirty different clubs in over 40 separate sessions, during lunch breaks and before and after school. All children at Amherst are encouraged to get involved in the school’s clubs and to find those that they enjoy.

There is a wide range of clubs of all types: sports, hobbies, music and drama, creative and educational. All currently active clubs are split into one of four sections (Sports Clubs/Hobbies/Performing Arts/ Creative). Clicking on a particular section will link through to information about individual clubs where more detail about them specifically can be found.

If you are an Amherst parent and would be interested in running, or helping to run a school club – either one of those listed or one that was recently active but not available this term or indeed something new – please contact the School Office (01732 452577).

Finally, the day-to-day action and results for some of the clubs can be found on a separate page by selecting the “Current Events” topic in the menu above and then following the “I Am News channel” item from the drop-down menu.