Fun Links

We are gathering a growing list of free web based resources which can be used to support your child at home.

There is a wide range of free software available to support learning. We’ll be posting more details about this and links very soon.

Click below to visit our recommended websites.

Have a go at creating a movie.

Feed your imagination at the Wonka Factory

Loaded with Laugh! Jumping with Jokes!

Museum of Science & Industry – Explore Simple Machines

Create your own creature and explore!

Anikas odyssey

Explore the Isle of Tune

This Virtual Village that lets you build your own 3D model village, whilst signalling trains through the station. Based on Bekonscot, the structures are of 1930s English appearance, and the trains are exact replicas of the real ones!

Brain Boosters

Try to beat the computer by check-mating the black king

Race the computer to the end of the maze!

Parking is much harder than it looks! You’ll have to restart if you drive out of the screen

Can you Spot the tiny changes in these very similar pictures?

Clear the all the defenders and score goals for extra points

Fly the Hot Air Balloon through Strange New Lands…

Can you get the ball to the goal? Gets tricky!

A problem solving activity that requires logical thinking. The adults and children all need to cross the water but they can’t all go in the boat together. Who should go on the first crossing?

Termite Tower – Can you solve your way through the puzzle

Go explore an imaginary city at Tate Kids

Go Walking with Dinosaurs


Explore loads of retro games on the echalk site

Why not try your luck at Tomato bounce.

Enjoy a wide selection of simple games from the site below.

The home of CBBC Games.

These pages contain links to other web sites that the pupils and teachers find useful in the day to day teaching and learning at school. These sites are not maintained by Amherst School so they may from time to time be temporarily unobtainable or even have been discontinued by the originator. Amherst School cannot be held responsible for the actions of other web sites.