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 Endless Alphabet

 A joyful collection of words, and monsters to explain them. Sorted alphabetically, each word gets children to drag its letters into place, after which they’ll see a characterful animation for its definition. The app includes ads, which you can remove with a single 69p in-app purchase.

Hakitzu: Code of the Warrior (Free)

This entirely-free app wants to teach children to code using the JavaScript language. It’s presented as a game where they build robot warriors and use their coding skills to control them in battles against friends, or in the single-player mode while honing their abilities

 Mystery Math Town

Use your math skills to rescue the fireflies in Mystery Math Town for ages 6-12 and up.

Kids’ Vocab – Mindsnacks

Now kids can build vocab anywhere, anytime, all while having fun. With 9 addictive games designed to help understand words rather than just memorize them, our Kids’ Vocab app will broaden kids’ vocabularies and sharpen their reading & writing skills. There’s only one rule: no boring flash cards allowed

On Beyond Bugs: All About Insects

Join the Cat in the Hat as he teaches Dick and Sally all about insects! Explore pictures and diagrams, learn new vocabulary, and personalize the story with your own narration. Did you know that our six-legged friends help keep the environment clean?

Symmetry School: Learning Geometry

 Have fun and learn with Symmetry School – a multilingual, captivating, brain-twisting game designed to support and encourage mathematical development in your child.Symmetry School’s intuitive learning experience allows children of ALL abilities to learn through play, exploring hard-to-grasp symmetrical concepts on their own terms and at their own pace.

 Little Red Riding Hood by Nosy Crow

 Another fairytale, this time bewitchingly retold through a mixture of animation, interactivity and toothy wolves in flat-caps. This beautifully-crafted adventure gets children to help Little Red Riding Hood take different routes through the forest, with the items she collects influencing how the story ends. Although here’s a spoiler: it never ends well for the wolf.

 Jörgits & the End of Winter

 Jörgits is a storybook app with an environmental message, telling the tale of a group of aliens whose planet is cooling down, and their expedition to “a planet nearby which is rapidly heating up – ours”. Its message about global warming is delivered with charm and a light touch, though, as well as plenty of extra animation and interactivity.

Great British Chefs Kids (Free)

The app, developed in association with Tesco Real Food, delivers 105 easy-to-follow recipes, which have been specially conceived to be cooked with children. These exclusive recipes range from fun tea-time dinners such as ‘pizza hearts’, ‘campfire chilli con carne’ or ‘Rice Krispie fish fingers’ to special treats like ‘bacon roly polies’


StoriesAlive is a library of largest collection of supremely interactive and award winning story apps and creative workbooks for children (3-8yrs). It is FREE to download and comes with 6 FREE trial story apps.

 Skyview Explore the universe

SkyView is an excellent tool for learning about the astronomical universe, allowing kids to see what’s in the sky above them. They can learn about astronomy and get tons of sky-related factoids on anything from astronauts and their missions to the distances of stars from Earth


 Imagine being able to write, record, and share your own professional-quality music wherever you are with a few taps of a screen. GarageBand is a mobile workstation for multitrack recording. Its multitouch controls and visual interface help demystify how songs are put together and recorded

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