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Shackleton’s Journey


Over the next few weeks as a whole school we will be looking at Shackleton’s Journey based around the book by William Grill of the same name.  In assembly we begun to explore the website below.



Thinking about ‘Kindness’

This week in Assembly we are thinking about how we show our school value of ‘kindness’ to others.  During just one day at Amherst, we were encouraged to ‘pass on’ an item that was given to one of us followng the assembly.  The ‘kindness’ journey this special item would take would find it being passed to children demonstrating kindess towards others.  Hopefully whoever has the item at the end of the day will return it to Mr Reid and share with him what they had done to receive it.


Being aware of Road Safety


Discussing safe places to cross the road we had a go at an activity from the Think! Education website.