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Recent comments & messages from:

Kylie Richardson

“I wanted to thank you for putting together your page (  )  …What a great collection of publications on ancient Egypt!

As an interior designer, I was doing some research on the history of furniture and came across your page. I am always intrigued on how ancient cultures lived and what methods they used to make furniture.

That is why I actually wrote my own article of sorts: “The Furniture of Ancient Egypt” –

Do you think you could add it to your page under The Egyptians? It truly would be an honour if you included it! Not to mention, I think your visitors would like learning more about ancient Egyptian furniture!

Thanks again and have a great day.
Kylie Richardson”


Penny Bill

“May I also say that I was very impressed with your informative website, and excellent reading lists.”


Penny Bill – Cross-Phase Literacy Consultant