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In Year 5 English homework is set on a Thursday and handed in by the following Monday. Please ensure that all work is completed to the high standard of presentation and content we would expect in the classroom. 

Literacy Homework 6/12/18

We are studying the novel HOLES by Louis Sachar after the Christmas break.

For your holiday reading we would like you to read this text in preparation for the terms Literacy lessons.

Please DO NOT watch the movie as we will be watching this together during the first week back after the holidays.

Please continue to learn your Autumn 2 spellings daily as you will be tested on these next week. 


In Year 5 children are required to complete 2 MA tests per week, unless told otherwise. This will be set on a Thursday and handed in by the following Wednesday at the latest. It is imperative that all corrections are completed before starting a new test. However, if your child is struggling to correct these, they should feel free to ask his/her teacher for any help required. 

Termly Spellings

Please find below the spellings for Year 5 for this Autumn Term. We would appreciate if you would spend time helping your child to practise these using a variety of spelling strategies. Autumn 1 spellings will be tested in the week beginning 15/9/18 , Autumn 2 spellings will be tested in the week beginning 10/12/18 .

Autumn 1

father believe
rough excellent
possible confident
soldier twelfth
language definite
apparent community
identify vicious
vegetable changeable
tolerant advise
immediate draught

Autumn 2

morning familiar
explain programme
tough bargain
persuade system
curious thorough
assistant mischief
rhyme substance
special dependable
precious adorable
observation referred