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In Year 5 English homework is set on a Thursday and handed in by the following Monday. Please ensure that all work is completed to the high standard of presentation and content we would expect in the classroom. 

Year 5 Homework,

Half Term Homework.


In Science we are studying The Rainforest. We are particularly looking at plant life, their necessary adaptations to the four layers and decomposition on the forest floor.

Tying in with this work during the half term we would like you to make your own compost bottle.

We have sent an attached sheet explaining how to make this.

Please can you bring this completed bottle in to school, with a secure lid on top and named, on the first day back after the holidays.

We will then look at them each week in our science lessons and make a diary. This will help you to understand how compost is made and what microbes help during this decomposing process.

Please now begin to learn your Spring 2 spellings listed below.   


In Year 5 children are required to complete 2 MA tests per week, unless told otherwise. This will be set on a Thursday and handed in by the following Wednesday at the latest. It is imperative that all corrections are completed before starting a new test. However, if your child is struggling to correct these, they should feel free to ask his/her teacher for any help required. 

Termly Spellings

Please find below the spellings for Year 5 for this Spring Term. We would appreciate if you would spend time helping your child to practise these using a variety of spelling strategies. Spring 1 spellings will be tested in the week beginning 11/2/19 , Spring 2 spellings will be tested in the week beginning 1/4/19 .

Spring 1

forty desperate
steal equipment
enough average
terrible frequent
sensible restaurant
temperature innocent
stomach incredible
according independent
delicious considerate
competition deceive

Spring 2

cough achieve
profit possibly
disaster communicate
practice aggressive
especially hesitate
shoulder applicable
recognise preferred
lightning reference
dictionary neighbour
artificial malicious