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Date given: 7.12.18

Due in: 12.12.18


Punctuation Focus

Semicolons (;) are another way of adding detail to a sentence. We have learnt how they can be used to link two sentences or main clauses which are related.


Task 1

Add semi-colons into these sentences (you can just write the semicolon onto the sheet):


  1. It was dark outside and the man could hardly see where he was going he almost tripped.
  2. Now that it was getting late Paul wanted to go home he was tired.
  3. Fiona never got up before seven o’clock she didn’t like early mornings.
  4. Outside it was raining and the birds were sheltering under the trees the cat had rushed inside and even the ducks had taken shelter.
  5. The right hand side of the office was cluttered the left hand side was tidy.
  6. Yeshi wanted to go out and play he liked playing with his friends.
  7. He went to meet his friend he hadn’t seen him for ages.


Task 2


  1. Write your own sentence below, including a semicolon:





  1. Write your own sentence below, including a semicolon:





Task 3

  1. Now write a short paragraph into your homework books based on any of the sentences above. Your paragraph should contain at least two semicolons.


Each Year 6 child is expected to read for half an hour each night and record how many pages read in their reading record. 

Termly Spellings

Please find below the spellings for Year 6 for this Autumn term. We would appreciate if you would spend time helping your child practise these using a variety of spelling strategies. The children will be tested the week before the last week of each term. 

Year 6 Autumn 1 Spelling List

  1. allowed
  2. immediately
  3. determined
  4. communication
  5. dessert
  6. criticise
  7. rhythm
  8. considerable
  9. development
  10. interrupt
  11. stationary
  12. accompany
  13. hesitation
  14. official
  15. conscience
  16. Parliament
  17. existence
  18. plough
  19. initial
  20. aisle

Year 6 Autumn 2 spelling list

  1. attention
  2. cereal
  3. affect
  4. physically
  5. fought
  6. definitely
  7. leisure
  8. wary
  9. practice
  10. sensibly
  11. amateur
  12. queue
  13. exaggerate
  14. pronunciation
  15. opportunity
  16. environmental
  17. financial
  18. achievement
  19. toleration
  20. ambitious