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It is expected that the children read every day for a minimum of 15 minutes.  This could be reading to an adult aloud, independently or sharing a book together.  It is important that the comprehension and understanding of the text is checked regularly.  Please record your child's reading in their yellow reading record.  This may be done by an adult or by the child themselves.

Reading Record (in red planners) handed out: Monday each week

This will be checked once a week but the expectation is that the children should have their planners in school every day.


Homework is to orally practise the x2, x5, x10, x4, x8.  If these times tables are secure, then to learn the x3 and x6.

The children will be given a mental arithmetic book and are expected to complete one page each week.  These will not be handed out until Friday 14th September to allow the children to settle in with routines and daily school life at Amherst.

The Mental Arithmetic book is due in every Wednesday and will be handed back out on Friday.

Children should also be learning their times tables at home on a regular basis.  In Year 2, the children learnt the x2, x5 and x10.  Year 3 should know the x4 then the x8, noting that the x8 is double the x4.  Then they should move onto the x3 and the x6, again noting that the x6 is double the x3.  

Termly Spellings

The spelling test will be : week commencing 3rd December 2018.

Please find below the spellings for Year 3 for this term.  We would appreciate if you would help your child to learn and use these words in context.

Your child will bring home an orange spelling homework book and we would like your child to spend 20 minutes each week showing evidence of regular spelling practice.

This may take the form of 'Look, Say, Cover, Write and Check'; mnemonics; rhyme; rainbow writing; pyramid writing; wordsearches; silly dictations; using images and pictures to aid memory; practical games or Apps on a tablet such as Squeebles.  

Handed out: Friday each week

Due in: Friday each week

Autumn 2

pencil many
half people
sentence straight
eighth recent
treasure mind
happily everybody
usual hopeless
whole cost
hour should
break pretty
hospital improve
child because
*infuriating *dignified
*melancholy *serene

* Please note these words are optional 'Challenge Words'.