The Amherst Curriculum

The curriculum follows national and county guidelines. Within those guidelines, however, we have created a broad and balanced timetable to address the needs of pupils across all levels of academic ability. Amherst has been awarded three Schools Curriculum Awards by the Society of Education Officers.

What We Teach

• English • Mathematics • Science • Information and Communication Technology(Computing) • Religious Education and P.S.H.E. • Design Technology • The Humanities (environmental studies, history, geography) • Modern Foreign Languages • Arts and Crafts • Music and Drama • Physical Education (including swimming and games)

Striving For Excellence

In mathematics and English, we provide extra tuition for the most able in every year group. Children who excel in sports are guided to programmes and clubs which can develop those abilities.

Following Our Values

Throughout, we stress the enjoyment of learning and respect for our community and diverse cultures. Our pupils are taught religious education and history in a manner which encourages an appreciation and tolerance for all beliefs and cultures.

Outside The Classroom

We believe in extending horizons beyond the classroom as much as possible. Visiting speakers, theatre groups, musicians, bands and performance artists are all regular features at Amherst. We arrange educational visits to museums, galleries and places of historical or scientific interest. All year 6 pupils are offered the opportunity to take part in a week-long Residential School Journey. This provides a unique opportunity for the children to develop their independence and socialising skills through team challenges and problem solving in a secure learning environment.

Special Needs

We are aware of the importance of supporting children with additional educational needs and we provide those pupils with specialist assistance if required.

Your Child’s Opportunity To Achieve

To appreciate the success of the Amherst curriculum, we encourage you to review our SATs results and secondary school placements