Amherst Parents

Our partnership with parents is integral to providing your child with the best possible education.

Parents help out with clubs and school trips, as well as with assisting teachers by supporting children’s reading. We benefit from an enthusiastic Parent Teacher Association which raises valuable funds for the school whilst providing an opportunity for parents to get to know each other.

Our parents have assisted in making repairs to the swimming pool, maintaining the school garden and organising fund-raising events. They have helped with swimming galas, cross-country races, sports days, Christmas bazaars, summer barbecues, tag rugby tournaments and theatre productions. More than a third of our boys and girls participate in the immensely popular Saturday morning Amherst Junior Football Club, with fathers and mothers coaching, refereeing and cheering them on. This is a great way for parents to meet and socialise.

We take our responsibilities to parents very seriously. Three times a year parents are invited to discuss their child’s work with the class teacher. The teachers and the Headteacher are also available to meet with parents whenever the need arises. A written report on a child’s progress and achievement is sent home at the end of each school year.

We keep parents informed about school activities with weekly newsletters, through parent-mail and our website.

We believe that parental support, encouragement and good communication are essential to help your child’s learning.  So at Amherst School we are very fortunate as our parents don’t like sitting on the sidelines or feeling left out. There are many ways in which parents can support their children and the rest of the school whether it’s in the classroom, playing sports, going on trips or lending a hand at one of the prestigious PTA events. To find out more about helping out call into school and have a chat with Selina, Andres, Rose or Sue in the school office and they will be able to give you more details. Please note that all helpers in school have to be CRB checked.


To keep up with all the letters that are sent home from school, sign up to Parentmail and have it delivered straight to your inbox. Click on the webpage below to be taken to the Parentmail website.