Amherst School’s Youtube Channel

Amherst School YouTube Channel

There are times when we will take video recordings of events in and around school. The best way for us to share these is by using the school website and uploading them to the gallery section.   At times though we use video clips in class as part of lessons.  The videos are sourced from a number of appropriate sites.  We have decided to gather these clips onto a dedicated Youtube channel making these clips public so that we can share them with parents and children.  These video clips sorted into subject specific playlists hopefully to make them easier to find.

Our YouTube channel is available here:

Can anyone watch the videos?

Yes. The videos are public and are shared via the channel. They are also searchable too. We are mainly using YouTube as a way of hosting these videos so that we can use them to support learning activities in school such as putting them onto a class blog.

Is it safe?

 Yes. Although anyone can view the videos, we have switched on a feature that means the children will not see any comments on the videos unless an adult has checked them first. This works in the same way as our school website and blogs.

Can the children watch these videos in school?

Yes. YouTube has been enabled for all pupils within school. We have discussed the potential use of YouTube (and other sites) and the children are fully aware that if they see anything inappropriate, they should tell their teacher. This is the same message that we give them for blog comments, emails or any other websites that they encounter.

If you have any further questions, please contact your child’s teacher.