Curriculum Overview & Intended Learning

Updated: Friday 14th July 2017

Here is an outline of what we’ll be teaching in each term.

Curriculum Overview 2016 – 17 – Year 3

Intended Learning for Week 7 (Term 6)

English Finishing off any uncompleted work.

Maths Continuing to explore mass and weight including reading scales and estimating, converting between g and kg and solving problems.

ICT Continuing to use Zu3D to create an animation including adding music to the short film.

Art: Recreating Van Gogh’s sunflowers with different medium.

RE Continuing with our Hinduism topic.

French Using the website Duolingo to practise using French vocabulary in basic sentences.

PE Swimming for all of Year 3 will be on Thursday.  We are planning to hold a swimming gala competing against our different houses.

Games Practising skills in the run up to Sports Day.  Sports Day is on Wednesday afternoon.  Please ensure you have a hat and sun-cream if it is sunny as well as a drink.

Year 3 & 4 Spelling Word List