Homework Activities

Updated: Friday 14th July 2017


MA Books No MA this week.

Reading: Every day at least 15 minutes of reading should be completed and a note made in the yellow reading record.  This should be brought into school every day.

A ‘Welcome to Year 4’ letter has been sent home outlining holiday homework set by the Year 4 teachers.  Please check you have received it and if not pop into reception to ask for a replacement letter before next Friday!  It is a reading challenge in connection with Kent Libraries.

Many thanks,

Miss Apps, Miss Maunder and Mrs Wheeler

Spelling Word List

Below are the Year 3 High Frequency spelling words your child should be confident to spell.  We will focus in class on word families or spelling patterns and at times check that the children know how to spell selections of these words.  We have split these words into six sets that will be focused on termly. These sets of words can be found here.

Please scroll down to see  word lists for later in the school year.  The previous term’s words are now at the end of the list. 

Term 6

interest                 promise                angrily                  refresh

probably               possible               suppose                 unique

business               certain                 supermarket          expression

enough                 particular            presentation          chemist

favourite              peace                    double                    neighbour

5 Challenge Words: privilege, sincerely, hindrance, mischievous, convenience

Term 1

grass                             walked                            often

watch                             travel                              learn

dry                                  careful                            minute

magic                            dropped                         eight

race                                station                             circle

change                          quiet

knee                              brother

edge                              climb

write                             clothes

bottle                            world

5 Challenge Words: articulate, cemetery, humorous, occasion, adversary

Term 2

pencil                      child                improve

half                           decide             usual

whole                      pretty              hopeless

arrive                       people            notice

many                       happily            everybody

should                    hospital

cost                           break

because                   hour

strange                   treasure

appear                    mind

5 Challenge Words: exhilarating, infuriating, dignified, serene, melancholy

Term 3

 learn                            decide                         history
 forget                           appear                        heart
 garden                         notice                         earth
 minute                         disappoint                complete
 circle                            information              early
 often                             happily
 young                            measure
eight                           obvious
arrive                             scheme
strange                          myth

5 Challenge words: practise, scathingly, impudent, blithely, ambivalent

Term 4

 group                         answer                          position
 busy                           fruit                                purpose
 difficult                     completely                  question
 describe                    simply                            recent
 grammar                   impossible                  remember
 disappear                  treasure
 February                   beginning
 special                       machine
 tongue                       mystery
 accept                        vein

5 Challenge Words: diligent, arduous, weird, conscience, accommodate

Term 5

woman                  bicycle                  opposite                injection

remember            eight                      regular                  gardener

prefer                    groan                    calendar                trouble

believe                  address                 scene                      pleasure

heard                    accident               enormous              disobey

5 Challenge Words: envious, accompany, decadent, pharaoh, pronunciation