Homework Activities

English tasks and MA are due in each Wednesday along with reading records

During the Spring & Summer term there is an MA page and a Literacy activity set each week .  Further details of homework tasks can be found below.  Please make sure you cover your Homework books & reading records in some way to help preserve it from damage.  Many thanks.

Maths Task

There is MA set this week. (31/03/17)

Please complete one week of MA to be handed in by Wednesday 19th April.

English Task

There is no Literacy task set for this week. (31/03/17)


Children should also continue to practice and revise next terms spellings.

Additional Homework Challenge

Topic Based Research on the Tudors.

We would like the children to do some research on the Tudors, which will be our topic next term.  They will need to research their chosen area within this topic and decide how they are going to present it.  The project needs to be completed and in school by Wednesday 26th April.  More information can be found by clicking on the homework link below.

Tudors Easter Homework


We will also be starting to look at the Spring Term 2 spelling words which we have been working on in school within various lessons.  Please can children revise any that they are still unsure of.  


Spelling Word List

Year 4 Spellings:

Here are the Year 4 High Frequency spelling words your child should be confident to spell.  We will focus in class on word families or spelling patterns and at times check that the children know how to spell selections of these words.  We have split these words into six sets that will be focused on termly. These sets of words can be found here.  For a comple list of spelling words that by the end of Year 4 we aim for your children to be able to spell please look at the bottom of our ‘Curriculum Overview & Intended Learning Page’.

Autumn Term 1

busy whether
heard great
often forgotten
difficult country
possible disagree
describe reappear
favourite superstar
regular usually
believe serious
remember discussion

Autumn Term 2

 history meet
 imagine  knot
 breath  meddle
 famous  permission
 important  curious
 peculiar  picture
 perhaps  finally
 thought  preferred
 actually  limited
 weight  submarine

 Spring 1

caught limitations
breathe pyramid
though misbehave
ordinary superstar
popular autograph
forward admiration
potatoes happily
quarter enormous
women character
increase admission

 Spring 2

build admission
century magician
length poisonous
exercise confusion
guard furniture
naughty gently
mention antiseptic
possession preparation
purpose discipline
separate reign

Summer 1

complete scene
consider fascinate
experiment obey
guide brochure
medicine famous
question invasion
island mislead
natural irregular
opposite refresh
pressure impatient

Summer 2

continue heal
experience crescent
extreme antique
height various
knowledge basically
material collision
library misspell
surprise redecorate
occasionally autobiography
therefore invasion