Homework Activities

UPDATED 23/6/17

Year 6 Spellings and Grammar:

Here is the  Year 6 spelling list your child is expected to be able to spell.  These words will be tested in the last week of this term.

Year 6 Summer 2 spelling list

  • muscle
  • variety
  • awkward
  • correspond
  • rely
  • equipment
  • explanation
  • nutritious
  • incredibly
  • collaborate
  • tolerance
  • confidential
  • sufficient
  • interruption
  • commercial
  • controversy
  • harass
  • systematically
  • thoroughly
  • alter



Date given: 24.06.17

Due in: 30.06.17

To complete a page of your project ready to show your teacher on Wednesday. This should be a new page including lots of information about your topic. Also, make sure you have all your slipper material in school for Monday ready to start making your slippers!