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Work during school absence/closure linked to COVID-19

Updated 15.4.20

As of Thursday 16th April 2020, all work is set on Google Classroom. Please contact the school office if you did not receive an email providing details. 

We are providing a mix of online suggestions and three paper based work books. The work books are all published by CGP and are:

  • KS2 English Targeted Question Book Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling,
  • KS2 English Targeted Question Book Comprehension and 
  • KS2 Maths Targeted Question Book.


During this time of extended absence we recommend wherever possible to maintain a daily routine. A good idea would be to sit with your child and create a timetable so they feel involved and have some ownership. We would recommend each day to complete tasks in:

  • Maths,
  • English,
  • some form of physical activity (good resource booklet at the bottom of the page) and
  • a minimum of 30 minutes of reading.


  • Continue to practise times tables.

     A great online resource is:


Please could you continue to use MA books just as a homework tool following the current amount per week. Please don’t complete the whole book within a few weeks as we will continue to use this as our homework when we are back to normal!


The Literacy Shed is an excellent website for creative writing ideas and resources:


Do a PE lessons with Joe Wicks every morning:


To provide variety we would also recommend activities in art and craft, history/geography (link to current topic at school) etc.


We have also collated a range of ONLINE RESOURCES to get your started:

TWINKLE – Primary Resources KS2

Twinkle have offered free access for parents during this period. Please follow the link below and enter the following code: CVDTWINKLHELPS once you have logged on go to the Parents’ Hub to find resources specific to age and subject.


A great free resources for your child to learn how to type is:

OTHER USEFUL WEBSITES for teaching and learning ideas and resources are:



We would also like to draw your attention in your child’s planner to the very useful list of ‘Things I can do before leaving Amherst School’. Many of these are

  • practical activities that can be completed inside but also in a garden ranging from
  • learning to tie your shoe laces to
  • knowing all the words to the National Anthem!
  • There are activities listed which are part of the school curriculum such as telling the time on an analogue clock.

The planner also contains a wide range of resources to support your child’s learning such as a multiplication square, maps and year group spelling lists.

We will continue update resources as appropriate.

Thank you for all your continued support.