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Year 5 Homework – Thursday 14th October 2021

1 – Any MA corrections plus the next two pages in your MA book. Due in: Monday 18th October

2 – Up levelling a paragraph. Due in: Wednesday 20th October

3 – Daily reading, recorded in your planners. Due in Thursday next week, due to Half Term

4 – Continue to work through the Sir Linkalot spellings (Great Grimms) and learn the 5 challenge words (hospital, originated, remarkable, companion, flourished). You will be tested on Friday 5th November.

English homework


Learn the Great Grimms spelling words and 5 new challenge words. Show evidence of practising these in the back of your literacy homework books. The packs are now starting to become harder, so we are now giving you two weeks to learn these, plus the challenge words. You will be tested on these on Friday 5th November.

Up levelling a paragraph

We have given you a paragraph from our class text, Street child. We would like you to include the following things when rewriting the text:

  1. Add adjectives in the spaces where there are blank lines to describe the nouns.
  2. Find better verbs for the underlined words.
  3. Include two interesting sentence openers (ISPACE).
  4. Include one relative clause (who, which, that, whose)
  5. Include one example of a simile, metaphor or personification

You will want to plan out your ideas first before you start writing the paragraph up into your book – try to be as creative as possible!

Shrimps looked down at Jim. He took ____ laces out of his ____ pocket and turned them round his ______ head. Then he shrugged and ran off.

That night, as Jim ran home to his ______ shed, his _____ head was busy with _______ thoughts. There was easily enough room for another ________ boy to fit in. It would be warmer with two of them. Rosie wouldn’t mind, especially if Shrimps got his _____ food in his usual ________ way.

“Be nice to have a _____ brother,” he thought as he ran. “A brother like Shrimps. Real nice, that would be.”


MA (approx. ½ hour per page)

Each week you will need to complete two pages of MA unless your class teacher has told you otherwise. Please do all corrections in the boxes first before you complete your next two pages. Remember to put the date at the top of your MA page. Try and work through independently. However, if you need help put a star besides the ones you had support with. If the MA book is pitched at the right level for you there will be about 3-5 questions that you find challenging on a page. Have a go at these and if you are still stuck then teachers will be able to help you with these at school.