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In Year 5 English homework is set on a Thursday and handed in by the following Monday. Please ensure that all work is completed to the high standard of presentation and content we would expect in the classroom.

Year 5 Literacy Homework 


Prior planning - 

Literacy Homework 5/12/2019

I can design a poster to encourage people to eat bread.

You are becoming a designer this week for your homework.

We want you to design and create a poster that will sell bread to the masses.

On your poster, you should:

Include a catchy slogan

List the health benefits of it

How can we eat bread?

An amazing simple colourful image

A bread border 

Dear Parents,

As part of our Victorian History topic, we will be designing and making a healthy bread roll.  To begin with we will taste different breads from around the world, which we will provide.  We will then use this as inspiration to design our own bread. We plan to make our own bread designs on:

 Friday 6th December

To enable your child to participate, please provide them with the following ingredients and equipment for that day:

Ingredients: (Individually weighed, wrapped and placed inside the mixing bowl)

  • 100g bread flour (white or wholemeal)
  • ½ tsp dried yeast
  • ½ tsp salt
  • ½ tsp sugar
  • A healthy ingredient to add, e.g. seeds, dried fruit. No nuts or chocolate chips please


  • Plastic mixing bowl
  • Spoon to mix ingredients
  • Tea towel
  • Small chopping board

This will give you an opportunity to practise weighing and measuring with your child.

Your child will them bring home any spare dough to bake you their fantastic recipe for you to taste at home.

Kind regards

The Year 5 team

Autumn Term 2 Spellings
























Please complete two pages of MA unless you are told otherwise by your class teacher. 

In Year 5 children are required to complete 2 MA tests per week, unless told otherwise. This will be set on a Thursday and handed in by the following Tuesday at the latest. It is imperative that all corrections are completed before starting a new test. However, if your child is struggling to correct these, they should feel free to ask his/her teacher for any help required. 

Termly Spellings

Please find below the spellings for Year 5 for this Autumn Term. We would appreciate if you would spend time helping your child to practise these using a variety of spelling strategies. Autumn 1 spellings will be tested in the week beginning 14/10/19 , Autumn 2 spellings will be tested in the week beginning 9/12 /19 .

Autumn 1

father apparent
believe community
rough identity
excellent vegetable
possible tolerant
confident immediate
soldier vicious
twelfth changeable
language advise
definite draught

Autumn 2

morning thorough
explain mischief
tough rhyme
persuade special
curious precious
assistant observation
familiar substance
programme dependable
bargain adorable
system referred