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In Year 5 English homework is set on a Thursday and handed in by the following Monday. Please ensure that all work is completed to the high standard of presentation and content we would expect in the classroom.

Literacy Homework 15/10/2020

I can ‘up level’ sentences using adjectives, adverbials and conjunctions.

  1. Begin your sentence with a fronted adverbial.

E.g. Slowly, the leopard stalked its prey.

  1. Use modifying nouns and adjectives to created expanded noun phrases. 

E.g. Slowly, the spotty leopard stalked its slow prey.

  1. Add an embedded relative clause beginning with who, which, that or whose.

E.g. Slowly, the spotty leopard, who loved to play games, stalked its slow prey.

  1. Add a subordinating conjunction to give extra detail about the situation.

E.g. Slowly, the spotty leopard, who loved to play games, stalked its slow prey because he was hungry.


Use these steps to improve the sentences below and write your exciting new sentences into your literacy homework books.

  1. It trekked through the jungle for hours.
  2. The turtle is moving towards the sea.
  3. The lady waited by the clock.
  4. The man is covered in paint.
  5. The pair walked along the road.


Please complete two pages of MA unless you are told otherwise by your class teacher. 

In Year 5 children are required to complete 2 MA tests per week, unless told otherwise. This will be set on a Thursday and handed in by the following Tuesday at the latest. It is imperative that all corrections are completed before starting a new test. However, if your child is struggling to correct these, they should feel free to ask his/her teacher for any help required. 

Termly Spellings

Please find below the spellings for Year 5 for the Autumn, Spring and Summer Terms. We would appreciate if you would spend time helping your child to practise these using a variety of spelling strategies in preparation for our tests at the end of each term. 

Autumn 1

father apparent
believe community
rough identity
excellent vegetable
possible tolerant
confident immediate
soldier vicious
twelfth changeable
language advise
definite draught

Autumn 2

morning thorough
explain mischief
tough rhyme
persuade special
curious precious
assistant observation
familiar substance
programme dependable
bargain adorable
system referred

Spring 1


enough terrible
sensible temperature
stomach according
delicious competition
desperate equipment
average frequent
restaurant innocent
incredible independent
considerate deceive

Spring 2 

cough profit
disaster practice
especially shoulder
recognise lightning
dictionary artificial
achieve possibly
communicate aggressive
hesitate applicable
preferred reference
neighbour malicious

Summer 1

although develop
exist attached
desert bruise
decent further
symbol signature
profession individual
occurred government
obedient noticeable
conceive doubt
weary confidential

Summer 2

suggest marvellous
reasonable comb
confidence accommodate
island secretary
sincere interfere
dough relevant
physical category
essential proceed
principle stationery
compliment environment