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Year 5 Homework – 9th June 2022


1 – Any MA corrections plus the next two pages in your MA book. Due in: Monday 13th June

2 – 10 spellings to learn from Y5 statutory words list. Due in: Wednesday 15th June – You will be tested on these words on Friday 24th June.

equipment, especially, excellent, familiar, forty, government, identity, immediate, interfere, language

Some of these have already been covered by Sir Linkalot, but practise makes perfect! You will have 2 weeks to learn these so it might be easier to break them up into smaller chunks.

3 – Daily reading, recorded in planners. Due in: Thursday 16th June

4 – History homework due in: Wednesday 15th June

English homework-

You were all so engaged during our recent museum visit, we thought it would be a good opportunity to share your learning with each other. This week, we would like you to choose an area of the Ancient Greeks you have been most interested in so far and produce an informative poster about it. You may choose houses and homes, pots, myths, gods and goddesses, mythical beasts or another area of interest. Perhaps you have been influenced by something you saw at the museum! We want to know what you have learnt already and you may want to include some new and interesting facts.

Make it as eye-catching as possible:

  • colours
  • pictures
  • drawings
  • interestingly written sentences
  • clear, bold title
  • interactive elements, such as flaps