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Weekly Homework

This term the children will need to complete Mental Arithmetic (MA) and English homework each week, in addition to the normal reading and spelling practice. English will normally comprise a comprehension sheet or grammar work based on what we have been studying in class. Children with unresolved maths questions can bring any topics to our 'Year 4 Maths Clinic' during Thursday assembly to go through together with a teacher.

We aim to set homework at a Year 4 level but understand that some children - just as in class - will require some support, particularly with comprehension homeworks.

Handed out: Fridays
Due in: Wednesdays

Maths & English Homework

In the Autumn term the homeworks will alternate between Mental Arithmetic (MA) and English. From January, both MA and English will be set each week. Homework will be given out on a Friday, to be returned at the latest by the following Wednesday. It is imperative that all MA corrections are completed before starting a new test, and that all written work is completed to the high standard of presentation and content we would expect in the classroom.


It is expected that the children read every day for a minimum of 20 minutes. This could be reading to an adult aloud, independently or sharing a book together. It is important that the comprehension and understanding of the text is checked regularly. Please record or sign to acknowledge your child's reading in their yellow 'Planners'.

Termly Spellings

Please find below the termly spellings for Year 4. We would appreciate if you would help your child to learn and use these words in context.

Your child will bring home an orange spelling homework book and we would like your child to spend 20 minutes each week showing evidence of regular practice.  This may take the form of 'Look, Say, Cover, Write and Check'; mnemonics; rhyme; rainbow writing; pyramid writing; wordsearches; silly dictations; using images and pictures to aid memory; practical games or Apps on a tablet such as Squeebles.

Spring 1 spellings will be tested in the week beginning 10/02/20, Spring 2 spellings in the week beginning 23/03/20.

Autumn 1

busy whether     
heard great
often forgotten
difficult country
possible disagree
describe reappear
favourite superstar
regular usually
believe serious
remember discussion

Autumn 2

history meet        
imagine knot
breath meddle
famous permission
important curious
peculiar picture
perhaps finally
thought preferred
actually limited
weight submarine

Spring 1

caught    limitations
breathe pyramid
though misbehave
ordinary superstar
popular autograph
forward admiration
potatoes happily
quarter enormous
women character
increase  admission

Spring 2

build admission   
century magician
length poisonous
exercise confusion
guard furniture
naughty gently
mention antiseptic
possession preparation
purpose discipline
separate reign

Summer 1

complete scene
consider fascinate
experiment obey
guide brochure
medicine famous
question invasion
island mislead
natural irregular
opposite refresh
pressure impatient    

Summer 2

continue experience 
extreme height
knowledge material
library surprise
occasionally therefore
heal crescent
antique various
basically collision
misspell redecorate
autobiography invasion