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Year 6 Homework

Set: Friday 8th October

Due in: Wednesday 13th October

Writing Focus: Anne Frank

In 1942 Anne Frank wrote in her diary:

“The first thing I put in was this diary, then hair curlers, handkerchiefs, school books, a comb, old letters; I put in the craziest things with the idea that we were going into hiding. But I’m not sorry, my memories mean more to me than dresses.”

Now imagine, like Anne Frank did, that you are writing in your diary about what you have chosen to pack because you are going into hiding. Remember:

*Include feelings, thoughts, and emotions.

*Use a personal style.

*Write in detail; include precise and interesting vocabulary.

*Write in the first person.

Extra Note:

Next week we will be making our WW2 shelters! We would like you to please bring in a shoebox on your class day as shown below. We will be able to provide the following materials:

*Tin foil 

*Corrugated cardboard   

*Tissue paper  

*Cling film   


Our shelter making days

6H - Monday

6B - Tuesday

6SB - Thursday

Please feel free to collect any extra materials you would like to use for creating your shelter. You do not need to spend money on this project.


Term 1 Spelling List

  1. allowed
  2. immediately
  3. determined
  4. communication
  5. dessert
  6. criticise
  7. rhythm
  8. considerable
  9. development
  10. interrupt
  11. stationary
  12. accompany
  13. hesitation
  14. official
  15. conscience
  16. parliament
  17. existence
  18. plough
  19. initial
  20. aisle