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Date given: 27.1.23

Date due: 2.2.23

Task 1:  Please complete the SPAG paper. As you complete it, we would like you to self-assess each question using the triangle assessment that we use in Maths.  Due in Wednesday 2nd February 2023.

For example:

  • If you find a question easy, you should draw a complete triangle
  • If you find a question okay to answer, you should draw two sides of a triangle
  • If you find a question more challenging to answer, you should draw one side of a triangle

Task 2: Learn the following spellings and the 5 new challenge words to be tested on Friday 3rd February.

  1. inferred
  2. referring
  3. referee
  4. offered
  5. referral
  6. preference
  7. buffering
  8. transferable
  9. preferring
  10. transferring

Challenge words:

  1. reference
  2. transference
  3. chauffeured
  4. circumference
  5. approximately 

Task 3: Daily reading, recorded in your planners. Due in every Friday.