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Date given: 4.14.20

Due in: Wednesday 9th December


Your homework this week is linked to our lessons on adverbs, adverbial phrases and fronted adverbials. Please complete the three different tasks on the sheets and stick them in your English Homework books. Please make sure you carefully read and follow all of the instructions that explain each task. We would like to see some of your own engaging sentences too!


Adverbs, Adverbial Phrases and Fronted Adverbials:

Name:………………………….…………………... Date:…….……………

Firstly, in your homework books please write down at least 10 different examples of adverbs as well as the definition of an adverb.

An adverb: a word that modifies an adjective, verb, or other adverb eg. Gently, quickly, quietly.

Use your own adverbs to modify these main clauses:

1. Ben ran _________       .

2. She yawned ____________    _.

3. I ate my breakfast ____________     .

4. The ball fell ___________    .

5. The room went _____________ dark.

Can you write at least two more sentences of your own with an adverb in?


Now can you use adverbial phrases to modify these clauses. Think back to our classwork this week – your adverbial phrases answer either ‘How? Where? When? Or Why?’ for your verb. Also, remember a phrase is more than one word!

For example:

The children rushed to the lunch queue with excitement. (How)

The children rushed to the lunch queue in the dinner hall. (Where)

The children rushed to the lunch queue at 1 o’clock. (When)

1. Daniel kicked the ball ________________________            .

2. The artist painted a picture __________________            .

3. It snowed _____________________               .

4. I travelled to school __________________        .

Can you write at least two more sentences of your own with an adverbial phrase in?


Finally, use fronted adverbials to modify these clauses. Remember, these are just like your previous adverbial phrases – but they are at the front of your sentence!

1. ___________________________                I’m playing tennis.

2. ___________________________                I tidied my room.

3. ____________________             the lightning struck the tree. 

Can you write at least two more sentences of your own with a fronted adverbial in?




Termly Spellings 


Please find below the new spellings for Year 6 for this term. We are adapting our usual spelling lists to include commonly misspelt words from Sir Linkalot, words that use the spelling rules we will be teaching this term or have taught last term or words linked to the statutory Year 5/6 spelling list. We would appreciate if you would spend time helping your child practise these using a variety of spelling strategies. Usually, children will be tested the week before the last week of each term. However, this term we will test during the last week as the children have just been given this term's spellings. 


Term 2 spellings Year 6

1.surprise – from Patient Potter

2. accident – from Anxious Austin

3. beginning – from Anxious Austin

4. disastrous – from Anxious Austin

5. existence – from Anxious Austin

6. reversible

7. possible

8. forgivable

9. replied

10. stationary

11. stationery

12. sensibly

13. definitely


14. practice

15. queue

16. exaggerate

17. opportunity

18. environmental

19. achievement

20. pronunciation