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Date given: 8.12.23

Date due: 13.12.23


Christmas in World War Two

Task One: Research Christmas During World War Two

As we lead up to Christmas, many of us receive gifts, feast on lots of goodies and spend time with loved ones. However, during World War Two, six years of war brought many changes to familiar festive rituals. Christmas celebrations during the Second World War often had to be scaled down or adjusted, as restrictions and shortages took a toll.

Your first task is to research what it was like to celebrate Christmas during the war.

Think about:

*What traditions could they keep the same?

*What changes did they have to make?

*How different was it to a normal Christmas?

We would like you to set out your notes using bullet points and subheadings.

Task Two: Write a Short Account

Using your notes to help you, imagine you were a child living during the Second World War and it’s Christmas day! Write a short first-person account of your experience of Christmas day. Remember, your homework should take you at least 45 minutes.

Remember to include:

*Accurate historical information,

*Description of your emotions – showing not telling

*Interesting sentence structures

*Varied sentence openers

*Powerful vocabulary


Think about:

*What was it like when you woke up? Were you in your house or an air raid shelter?

*What gifts did you receive?

*Were all of your family there?

* What food did you eat? Did you have Christmas dinner?

*How did you celebrate? Were there Carols? Musical instruments? Games?

Spellings - You will be tested on these on Wednesday 13th Dec.

  1. fiery
  2. misunderstand
  3. passenger
  4. groceries
  5. exercise
  6. certainly
  7. nervous
  8. accelerate
  9. caterpillar
  10. character

Challenge words: reverberated, crestfallen, impeccable, indulgent, innovative